Yoohoo sends Dave Sim a sign (UPDATED with mea culpa)

This is a real shame: fire has destroyed the negatives for Dave Sim’s High Society digital reprint.

But I have a prediction, and I will gladly bet a zillion dollars on it, at any odds: Sim will interpret this as a sign from God, a sign that…well, something or other. Probably that he shouldn’t be so “hubristic” about the digitisation of Cerebus? (Scare-quotes because I’m imagining Sim interpreting himself that way, not because I think he has been). But maybe that he should stay off the internet? Take up smoking again?

Mark my words, folks.

UPDATE: re-reading the story, I see that this Sandeep fellow has lost everything. That’s really awful. Also, this is bad for Sim, and I genuinely, really, heartfeltedly meant it when I said it was a shame.

This post was an all-time dick move, even though it’s true and was meant as laughter in the face of horror. The first comment here was that I should feel ashamed of myself, and I do. Feel free to submit hate-comments; I’ve surely earned them.


4 Responses to “Yoohoo sends Dave Sim a sign (UPDATED with mea culpa)”

  1. John Roberson Says:

    What a disgusting thing to say. This is the best part of his life’s work and it’s from long before any of that. You should be ashamed.

  2. Jones, one of the Jones boys Says:

    You’re right, John, it is a revolting sentiment, and I am ashamed of myself. I genuinely mean that, and I meant it when I said it’s a real shame — I repeatedly sing the praise of Cerebus (although I rate the later work much, much, much higher than High Society).

    But this was genuinely what I immediately thought of. Sim’s metaphysical/religious beliefs are one of the interesting parts of his character and work (and wasn’t he seeing signs well before his conversion?).

    Confession: I don’t know just how serious a blow this is. He still has the original art, right, so he can make more negatives? Or is this way worse than that?

  3. John Roberson Says:

    No, man, he sold all the originals long, long ago. The negatives are all that was left. Not just for this but for continuing to print the book. More here:
    So this is a horrible thing for anyone who cares not just about CEREBUS(and again, this is from the period EVERYONE agrees was great) but art and comics in general. The best that can be done now is printing from second-generation. That’s it. And given the intricacy of much of the art–well. It makes one sick to really ponder it.
    Nevertheless, thank you for seeing sense.

  4. John Roberson Says:

    PS And this is why in the CEREBUS GUIDE TO SELF-PUBLISHING(before scanners were a thing) he said to always, always hold onto the films.

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