The Top 10 Cerebus characters of all time

The comics hive mind has decided it’s time to talk about Cerebus again.  Here’s my contribution to the ongoing critical discourse, in the form of a list of the ten greatest Cerebus characters of all time. But you already knew that from the post’s title — UHOH SPOILER. Enjoy the list; you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll wonder why I’ve broken into your apartment and started rooting through your linen cupboard while hyperventilating.


Top 10 Cerebus characters of all time:

10. Alec

9. The fake Oscar

8. Missy

7. The something that fell

6. Viktor Reid

5. Ham Ernestway

4. Mary Ernestway

3. Flaming Carrot

2. That one incarnation of Astoria that briefly appeared in a flashback during Church and State (tie)

2. Yoohoo (tie)



1. Dirty Drew McGrew


But not Rick. Man, I fucking hate Rick.


One Response to “The Top 10 Cerebus characters of all time”

  1. mateo Says:

    This is a good list, but missy was revealed to be nothing but a drunken whore near the conclusion of Guys.

    When I first started dating my wife, I would talk to her about Cerebunny constantly. She used to think it was charming and funny, but has now come top accept that it is a work I feel quite strongly about, since now I keep her in the basement during daylight hours.

    Funny list! 🙂

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