My hottest 10

Triple J is the government-run, youth radio network in Australia, specialising in various kinds of “alternative” music. It’s sort of like a national version of US college radio, I guess. Anyway, every year for the past 20 years they’ve been running the world’s largest music poll, the Hottest 100, in which listeners vote for their favourite ten tracks of the last year. This year being the twentieth anniversary of the competition, they’re doing something different: a Hottest 100 of all time.

These are the tracks I voted for, in no particular order, my favourite ten songs of all time:

  • Aesop Rock “Daylight”
  • Bjork “Storm” (I couldn’t find a video of the studio version, so here’s a live one instead)
  • Aphex Twin “Avril 14th”
  • Dalek “Paragraphs Relentless”
  • The Beatles “Tomorrow Never Knows”
  • Massive Attack “Rising Son” (Can’t embed the video, so have a link instead
  • Justice “D.A.N.C.E.”
  • Sly and the Family Stone “Everyday People”
  • Elvis Costello “Couldn’t Call it Unexpected no. 4” (I couldn’t find a video of Elvis singing this, so here’s some other guy playing it on his banjo)

And, finally, probably my favourite track of  all:

  • Madvillain “Shadows of Tomorrow”

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