Spoilers for the series finale of The Wire

  • McNulty, Greggs and Bunk have a hawt three-way
  • Bunk keeps smoking his cigar while he’s getting his cigar smoked, if you know what I mean
  • Although that’s probably not a spoiler; I mean, everyone already thought the Bunk did that anyway, right?
  • All these years, the real kingpin of the whole Baltimore drug trade has been Bubbles
  • Herc becomes a real police
  • Fuzzy Dunlop is a skrull
  • The wire itself is a ghost; why, no one’s lived in the old Major Crimes Unit place for years
  • Wallace killed Edena Watson



2 Responses to “Spoilers for the series finale of The Wire”

  1. Richard Baez Says:

    “Wallace killed Edena Watson”

    Now there’s a call back.

  2. Dick Hyacinth Says:

    I’ve been waiting to read this post until I had seen all the season 5 episodes. The Fuzzy Dunlop joke was pretty good, Jones.

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