The canon

In no order, the real comics canon:

  • Detective #whatever it was that Batman first appeared in
  • DC Comics Presents #87 (first appearance of Superman Prime)
  • Every Millennium crossover except for The Outsiders #28
  • That issue of X-Men where Wolverine is all like “I’m gonna bust yo ass” on the Hellfire Club
  • Fantastic Four #286 (return of Jean Grey)
  • Secret Wars #9 (no particular reason)
  • Avengers #58 (“Even an android can cry!”)
  • Kingdom Come/Marvels (first appearances of Alex Ross)

…I toyed with the idea of including some “indy” comics like Spawn or Invincible, but I thought it best to stick to the widely recognized classics. If they are still reading comics in a hundred years, these are the works of sequential fiction they will be reading.



2 Responses to “The canon”

  1. Tucker Stone Says:

    No new posts for three months, and then you bring this to the table?

    You, kind sir, are the finest man I have ever known.

  2. Journalista - the news weblog of The Comics Journal » Blog Archive » Mar. 4, 2008: Mountain into molehill Says:

    […] Jones presents the real comics […]

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