The ten best “graphic novels” of 2007

It’s a bit early, I know. What if Countdown #19 turns out to be really, really good? But if Amazon and PW can make their lists already, so can I. Here, then, are my picks for the ten best “graphic novels” of 2007.

10. Countdown: Search for Ray Palmer: Gotham by Gaslight (#1)

9. Nymphet*

8. Southland Tales Books 1-3/The Fountain

7. Essential Werewolf By Night, Vol. 2

6. World War Hulk: Frontline #4

5. Y: The Last Man (every issue this year)

4. The Halo Graphic Novel

3. Amazing Spider-Man #545 (One More Day Part 2, aka “If you should read but one comic this decade…”)

2. Cowboys & Aliens

1. Scott Pilgrim Gets it Together

I came close to including either that one issue of Heroes for Hentai with the tentacles, or the issue of New Avengers where Tigra gets brutally assaulted in a way that is not at all sexually exploitative what are the crazy internet people talking about YOU ARE CRAZY INTERNET PEOPLE WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT. But C:SfRP:GbG was just that little bit better than either of those and so it beat them onto the list.

Still, I’ve probably missed or forgotten some other excellent “graphic novels” this year. What else should be on the list?

[*if that is the name of the manga I mean. It’s the one about the prepubescent schoolgirl who tries to get her teacher to fuck her and comic hi-jinks ensue. For obvious reasons, I’m not inclined to check the name through Google]


5 Responses to “The ten best “graphic novels” of 2007”

  1. Jog Says:

    And Nymphet wound up never even getting published in the US! Wow! This is an edgy list indeed, Jones…

  2. Myk Says:

    I definitely think we need a best comics that were never even published this year.

    That said, I found myself to be very partial to that issue of Lady Death where she has the fish sticking out of her arse, but since that one doesn´t seem to be out yet, it might have to go on next year´s list. Sigh…

  3. Myk Says:

    Oh, and, hey! Don´t you dis the Werewolf!!

  4. Jones, one of the Jones boys Says:

    Edgy like a chiliagon, Jog. I’m iconoclastic, you know?

    Myk–that’s a great idea for a list. Items 10-2 would be comics promised by Rob Liefeld that didn’t quite manage to come out this year. And #1? New issues of Martin Wagner’s Hepcats

  5. Myk Says:

    A new issue of Hepcats? Didn´t he have an ad for that one in the latest issue of Strange Attractors???

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