I would just die if they had a Peel/Fuschia team-up

Currently, all the “cool” kids are speculating over who’s a skrull, or who’s going to beat down on whom in Contest of Champio Arena. But, here at LY&HF, we are dying to find out which iconic characters from 20C British fiction made it into the new League of Extraordinary Gentleman (released today in the US; boo sucks to the rest of the world).

We know Orlando’s in, and Bond, and bits of 1984. Tolkienia are presumably out, since they’re in a different world, or a ye olde version of ours. The book seems to be set in 1958, so that probably rules out references to too many later creations (like Miracleman or 2000AD). Who else will make it? Let the fannish speculation begin!

My guesses/wishlist:

Anyone from Gormenghast–most likely Titus, given the third book in the series.

There’s got to be a Narnia shout-out, at least to the wardrobe.

Bulldog Drummond/Nayland Smith

Modesty Blaise (or is she too late?)

Poirot/Marple/Father Brown

Harry Lime

T. E. Lawrence (not exactly fictional, but the film is)

The Man in the White Suit/characters from The Ladykillers or Kind Hearts and Coronets

Members of the Famous Five/Secret Seven

Probably at least an oblique reference to the Lost Girls

The Drones club or, more likely, a certain “spineless invertebrate” and his personal gentleman (hi, Bully!)

And, man, it better have a cameo by John Steed and a young Emma Peel. If it doesn’t, I’m coming for you, Moore and O’Neill. That’s all I’m saying.

Who else?


4 Responses to “I would just die if they had a Peel/Fuschia team-up”

  1. Myk Says:

    My vote for:

    – Ylla from the Martian Chronicles
    – Oliver Twist
    – Fritz from the Tripods
    – Bill Masen from The Day Of The Triffids
    – Gulliver
    – Jane Austen (who is as of this year officially a fictional character)

  2. Jones, one of the Jones boys Says:

    Ooh, the Tripods. Good call. Grown-up Oliver Twist? Nice. But Gulliver and Jane Austen? Not 20C. Unless you know something I don’t?!

    BTW, Gulliver was already in one of the earlier leagues mentioned somewhere or other in the margins, right? The one with (from memory) Fanny Hill, Nattie Bumpo, Dr Syn and Mr and Mrs The Scarlet Pimpernel.

  3. Myk Says:

    Allright, let me retract those two and nominate the follwoing in their stead:

    – a grown-up, disenchanted Christopher Robin
    – John Drake aka Danger Man

    also, although she´s not english, I´d love to see Lolita.

    Aaaannd… the Midwich Cuckoos.

  4. Marc Says:

    Jones, at least four of your wishes come true in a big way. That’s not even counting any of the Easter eggs, which I haven’t begun to check.

    Oh, and some of the things you thought were ruled out aren’t, at least in passing…

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