Index verborum prohibitorum

In the interests of furthering internet discourse, I offer the following list of words that “graphic novel” bloggers should no longer be allowed to use. Surely we can all agree that our lives would be better if we never had to read or write these words again.




Art comics, or similar phrases [but “Cancer Comics” is acceptable]





Age (as in: “Golden Age”, “Silver Age”, etc.)



Barnes and/or Noble

Editorially dictated

Joe Quesada


Graphic novel




12 Responses to “Index verborum prohibitorum”

  1. Jog Says:

    Is “Meta-Quesada” still ok? I can hardly get through a capsule review without that one…

  2. Jones etc. Says:

    Yes, but “Joe Mythos” is not.

  3. Dick Hyacinth Says:

    I’d like to propose that “Silver Age” be replaced by “Chromium Age” because (a) the use of the latter term almost always done in a kind of triumphalist way, which I don’t think is totally deserved, and (b) the former is useful for discursive purposes. Speaking of which, is the absence of “discourse” from this list an implicit endorsement of my blog?

  4. Dick Hyacinth Says:

    Oh, wait, I see you used the term “discourse” in this very post. Never mind.

    Uh, might I suggest a temporary ban on “self-referential” and variations thereof? At least until self-reference becomes an object of nostalgia?

  5. Jones, one of the Jones boys Says:

    Agreed. I should have included “self-referential” as a (semi-) synonym for “meta”.

    In all seriousness, though, I really do think that all talk of “ages” should be banished. The kind of historiography that divides chronology into distinct ages (ranked by quality, no less!) was goofy even when the classical Greeks were doing it. “Ages” are useful as shorthand, but they’re too easily reified.

  6. Myk Says:

    Damn; just when I wanted to review “Shade the Changing Man” I´m not allowed to use Meta anymore…

  7. Jones, one of the Jones boys Says:

    Sorry, Myk. I don’t make the rules, I just report ’em.

  8. Dick Hyacinth Says:

    I agree that the “ages” thing is subject to reification, but what alternative is there? Or would it be better to stop talking about all comics c. 1956-1970 (for instance) as a single “age,” as though they’re all motivated by the same concerns, contain similar content, etc? Might we be better off by saying “superhero comics published by DC in the early 60s” instead of “Silver Age DC?” The former is certainly a bigger mouthful, but it’s also more precise and descriptive.

    Another possibility: replace Golden Age with GA, Silver Age with SA, and use decades for everything else.

  9. Myk Says:

    Well Mr. Jones, good thing then that I´m cool with shooting the messenger…

  10. Marc Says:

    Don’t stop at “mythos” and “mythology” or all that traffic will just go flooding into “archetype.”

  11. Jones, one of the Jones boys Says:

    You’re right, Marc, but, sheesh. I don’t want to be a word-Nazi or anything.

  12. Link-posts are the last refuge of the scoundrel « Let’s you and him fight Says:

    […] Let’s you and him fight Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair! « Index verborum prohibitorum […]

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