No Ito for you, bunny!

At Same Hat!, confirmation that Dark Horse will not be printing any more volumes of Junji Ito anthology Museum of Terror. A dark, dark day indeed for the forces of good.


The series sold poorly, apparently. There might be a couple of reasons for that: (1) the book didn’t seem well distributed, either in the Direct Market or in bookstores; (2) the book wasn’t well marketed; and/or (3) the rough, early material in the volumes they did publish scared off readers unfamiliar with Ito’s later work.

But for some reason I feel like picking option (4)–blame Joe Quesada.

Are you happy now, Joe? You made bunny cry.


2 Responses to “No Ito for you, bunny!”

  1. MangaBlog » Blog Archive » Sunday news Says:

    […] Same Hat! has a great NYCC post that includes news, views and pictures (even one of yours truly). They also bring the sad tidings that Dark Horse is discontinuing Museum of Terror after vol. 3. One of the Jones Boys blames it on Joe Quesada. […]

  2. G Says:

    This is really, really terrible. It’s a curse for society. Almost like a downward spiral. Like society is caught up in some kind of spiral. Like everything is twisting into some demented spiral. Fuck.

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