The month in review

Heads up, true believers! In case you missed any of my pulse-pounding reviews in February, you can read them here:

Lost World

Dragon Head, Volume 5

The New Adventures of Jesus: The Second Coming

The Essential Ant-Man

Top 10: Beyond the farthest precinct

Phoenix, Volume 9: Strange Beings/Life

Batman and the Monster Men

Fair Weather

Concrete, Volume 6: Strange Armor

Iron Wok Jan!, Volumes 21 & 22

What better way to spend the few fleeting moments granted to you on this earth than reading the opinions of some stranger on books you’ll never buy?


3 Responses to “The month in review”

  1. Dick Hyacinth Says:

    I had missed your review of Dragon Head; it’s old enough now that I figured I might as well just leave my comments here. Dragon Head is probably my favorite of all the current suspense manga running in English–I definitely prefer it to the much more ballyhooed Drifting Classroom. Actually, that comparison is worth noting in light of your review–I greatly prefer the bleak, expansive tone of Dragon Head over the much more frenzied, and yet more optimistic, tone of Drifting Classroom. I didn’t much care for the one volume of Scary Book I read either, so it could also be that I just don’t care much for Umezu.

  2. Jones, one of the Jones boys Says:

    Drifting Classroom is much stronger than Scary Book. But it’s still not to all tastes. Not everyone feels the appeal of KIDS RUNNING AROUND SHOUTING BUGFUCK CRAZY for however many volumes it’s going to last.

  3. Dick Hyacinth Says:

    I appreciate crazy kids yelling, but I think I would like it a lot more if there were a few quieter scenes to break up the scream-fest. I haven’t read volume 4 yet, so maybe the yelling eventually enters some kind of harmonic frequency which eventually entrances all readers. I’ll find out soon enough, I suppose.

    I only read volume 3 of Scary Book, and it really was underwhelming.

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