Clash of the independent titans!

You may have heard of this project, Battle of the Independents, projected to appear in 2008. The basic idea behind it is this: “Why should Marvel and DC be the only companies with big stupid cross-overs? If only there were a cross-over between ‘independent’ characters!”

I barely registered this dopy conceit until I saw this article. Among the characters who’ll apparently be teaming up, fighting one another, then fighting some invincible cosmic menace or other, only to save the day at the last minute through some barely explained deus ex machina:


Savage Dragon




That’s right, the earth-pig born will live again! This can only mean two things:

1) The third issue of the series will be an all-text extravaganza in which the writer rails against the homosexualist-feminist axis, while praising US efforts in the “war on terror” as the expression of God’s will

2) If Cerebus is involved, then other genuine independents can’t be far behind.

Come on, I want to see Maggie and Hopey versus Jimmy Corrigan! Killofer versus the Superfuckers! Sinus O’Gynus and Loady McGee versus David B’s epileptic brother! It’s the battle of the century!

PS: I actually like Cerebus, even after the infamous #186.

2 Responses to “Clash of the independent titans!”

  1. Brian Cooksey Says:

    Great idea! How about Megan from Local vs. Lenore. Then they can team up against Owly!

  2. Jones, one of the Jones boys Says:

    That’s the spirit, Brian

    If anyone’s going to take that cute little bastard (Owly) down, it’s got to be someone really nasty. Maybe Boobs Pooter or any of the characters from Ivan Brunetti’s little “humour” books, Hee or Haw.

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