My very first “no post” post!

Wow, I really feel like a blogger now! Only a few more weeks before I start posting random panels from Silver Age strips for “humorous” effect. Or talking about how TOTALLY cute my cat is.

No, I don’t own a cat. I’ll have to get one, that’s how dedicated I am.

Anyway, the real world is kicking my arse all over town, so you’ll just have to wait until tomorrow for the review of Batman and the Monster Men which I was going to post tonight. In the meantime, two three links to keep you entertained and fill the void.

If you haven’t already done so, check out the blog of the mysterious XyphaP, about whom two questions loom large: (1) How do you pronounce his name? Ksi-fa-pee? Or, in that annoying way people pronounce “Xavier”, Eks-i-fa-pee? (2) How in the hell did he get such good taste and critical acumen while still in high school? When I was 18, I could barely string a sentence banana the the saegq

Going to Clusterfuck Year Two, aka the New York Comic-Con, this weekend? Looking for somewhere to party on Friday evening? Then look no further: Bootie is coming to New York. NYC has long needed its own mash-up/bootleg night, and we’re finally getting it. The line-up’s not as good as what was originally promised (Lenlow and DJBC, but there were scheduling conflicts). It should still go off.

Or, to put in terms the comics blogosphere will understand: it should be AWESOME.

(Oh, and despite the url, that second link is totally safe-for-work. Unlike this one)


One Response to “My very first “no post” post!”

  1. XyphaP Says:

    Dude (and I invoke that compellation rarely)! I completely missed this post the first time around (which kinda explains the question on my blog. Hurm).

    I got the good taste from thoroughbred parents, who would never think of naming their kid a name with the pestering Xavier-like pronounciation of ex on XyphaP (middle name Danger, last name witheld for confidentiality reasons*, in case the remaining two words were giving anyone a headache)

    *Or I wish to keep my identity a secret, so that my former, horrendous words are never commingled with my current ones, although a quick google search will yield the deep dark secret.

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