What is up with airline food, anyway?

Cartoonist Chynna Clugston is best known among comic-readers for her series Blue Monday. A teen relationship-sex-dramedy confection, Blue Monday showcases Clugston’s obvious and deep affection for manga, mod fashion, John Hughes and britpop. She also created Scooter Girl–more mod madness–and Queen Bee, for younger readers. Clugston is a talented cartoonist, with a keen eye for relationship comedy and deft comic timing.

So why is she slumming with gags about furries in the new, comic-centric issue of Nerve? Furries are so 2003. They were ridiculed in an episode of CSI, they’re such mainstream figures of fun. Rightly so–furries are ridiculous. But mocking furries in 2007 is about as daring, or relevant, as Monica Lewinsky jokes. That moment has passed.

If you’re going to mock wacko subcultures, at least pick an original target. Come on, Clugston, you can do much better than this.


One Response to “What is up with airline food, anyway?”

  1. Matt Brady Says:

    Whoo, I’m with you on this one, Jones. I just read Clugston’s story, and man, was is unfunny. Wow. I usually like her stuff, especially Blue Monday, but this was just plain bad.

    However, the Paul Pope story in Nerve? Excellent!

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